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Valves and Actuators in El Paso | High Quality Products and Services

Valves and Actuators for Every Industry in the Border Region

Clowe & Cowan of El Paso, LLC is devoted to the development of state-of-the-art products and services that help solve the most common sewer water challenges. We achieve our goals while setting industry-wide standards for quality, durability, and performance. Take our valves, for example. We understand the needs of our clients and, for this reason, we supply all of the most popular valve options, including:

  • Butterfly
  • Control
  • Diaphragm
  • Gate
  • Globe
  • Knife Plug
  • Silent Check
  • Swing Check
  • Ball
  • Air/Vacuum Valves
  • Actuated Valves
  • Altitude Valves

Clowe & Cowan of El Paso, LLC Represents the Following Valve Brands

Through Paso-Tex Industries (PTI), the product line expanded to include supply
valves and electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuators to represent: AUMA,
Bettis|Emerson, Bray Controls, Center Line|CRANE, CRANE, DSI, Duo-
Chek|CRANE, Durco|Flowserve, EIM|Emerson, Fisher|Emerson, Flomatic
Valves, Flowseal|CRANE, GA Industries, Inline Ball Valve, Kennedy Valve,
Limitorque|Flowserve, M & H Valve Co., Matco-Norca, Remote Control|Rotork,
Rotork, Stockham|CRANE, Unitorq, Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Co. and
XOMOX Process Valves & Actuators | CRANE.

Services for Valves and Actuators Include

  • Diverter Assemblies: using electric or pneumatic actuators; generally using butterfly valves on flanged tees. Diverter valves can be fitted with electric or pneumatic actuators.
  • Modulating Valves: Where flow control is needed using electric or pneumatic actuators, positioners can be provided which can accept pneumatic analog or digital command signals to stroke valves to the desired positions. User must specify whether signals are:
    • 0 to 15 PSI air signal
    • 4 to 20 MA
    • 1 to 5 volts DC
    • 0 to 10 Volts DC
    • 24 volts DC single pulse digital boss
  • Spring return Valve Handles: handles for larger size valves are custom made to fit the customer’s needs
  • Actuation: electric, pneumatic and electro-hydraulic actuators for small diameter valves through unlimited size of gate, globe, ball, butterfly, knife gate, diaphragm
  • Emergency Fire Shut Down Valves: using applications where fluids need to be retained from flowing in cases of fire or high temperature developing beneath a valve. Special valves must be fitted with a special fusible link escapement to allow the valve to close or open. The escapement is applied to check, ball and butterfly metal valves.
  • Stem Extensions: Special stem extensions can be provided for all types of valves and all sizes when the valves are buried or insulated. Before providing the extension-specific data must be provided so that a proper design will fit the need.
  • Valve Modifications: Modifications include: stop checks made from standard globe valves, spring to close quarter-turn valves. Bronze cryogenic extensions on gate and globe valves.
  • Actuator repairs: electric and pneumatic actuators can be repaired or modified when brought into our facilities.
  • Controls: Various applications need specially designed controls that can be provided by engineering personnel.
  • Field Services: provided by qualified personnel

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