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Where Pet Fish Go To Rest: A Journey to the Wastewater Treatment Plant 
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September 10, 2019
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Where Pet Fish Go To Rest: A Journey to the Wastewater Treatment Plant 

an overhead shot of a wastewater treatment plantCountless children all across the El Paso area have had to flush their beloved pet fish down the toilet. Fish such as betas are very popular “first pets” due to their brilliant colors and somewhat ease of maintenance. Fish, however, are able to teach children the idea of finality. One morning, the fish can be belly up, drifting aimlessly in the fishbowl. At first, your child may think the fish is simply sleeping, taking a little fishy nap, but after a few minutes, your child will realize what’s going on. 

Where All Sewer Water Goes

The little fish won’t wake for this nap. Its time on this green earth has come to an end. Perhaps your child will cry or perhaps your child will take a few days to understand the finality of the situation. Now’s your chance to have a small funeral service for the fish and you can tell your child to flush their beloved beta down the toilet. If your child asks where the fish is going, you’ll be able to answer to the best of your abilities because you read this blog!

The Route Waste Must Take

Your home’s plumbing system leads to a larger sewer system that runs under the entire neighborhood for miles and miles until it reaches the sewage treatment plant. All sewage goes through this wastewater treatment plant. Once here, the sewage goes through special screens in order for the larger solids and trash to be separated from the water itself. This is where the fish’s journey will come to an end. The rest of the water will then proceed through the wastewater treatment plant until it reaches the final step of disinfection. The sewage is treated by these facilities in order to send it out to natural streams, eventually traveling through lakes and reaching the oceans of our world. 

Choose Clowe & Cowan for All Your Wastewater Treatment Needs

If you’d like to preserve your child’s innocence (or if your child is inconsolable after the little fishy died), then you can say the fish was simply taking a nap and by flushing it down the toilet, the fish will return home to the ocean. This little fib may help your child calm down a bit. But remember to stress the fact that only fish can reach the ocean to avoid your child trying to flush the family cat (or even themselves!) down the toilet. If you require wastewater treatment services, then choose Clowe & Cowan, LLC. We’re ready to help!

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